Online tickets


Entrance ticketsWeekdaysWeekends
ALL IN ticket for adults3 400 Ft3 500 Ft
Thermal ticket for adults (only indoor pools)2 700 Ft2 800 Ft
Senior and student thermal ticket (1) (only indoor pools)
2 100 Ft2 400 Ft
2-hour thermal ticket (2) (only indoor pools)
2 200 Ft-
Afternoon ticket from 5 pm (only indoor pools)2 200 Ft
Cabin usage700 Ft
Complementary ticket to wellness (outdoor pools and sauna world)700 Ft

(1) In order to purchase a discounted ticket, the proof of eligibility must be provided! In case of a senior ticket the retirement certificate and in case of a student entrance ticket a full-time student certificate.
(2) Deposit: 500 Ft. Deposit can only be paid in cash.
(3) Valid for 365 days from date of purchase. With the occasional ticket, only one ticket can be exchanged for one occasion.

Services20 minutes45 minutes
Aroma massage4 500 Ft7 500 Ft
Refreshing massage4 500 Ft7 500 Ft
Medical pedicure4 200 Ft
Safe1 000 Ft
Lost proxy watch/key fee3 000 Ft

Massages are available only from the age of 14.

Slippers4 000 Ft
Towel6 000 Ft
Bathing suit for woman6 000 Ft
Bathing suit for man6 000 Ft
Bathrobe12 000 Ft


Budapest Spas ShopPrices
Budapest Spas Széchenyi Lemongrass Oil Soap (100 gr)2 000 Ft
Budapest Spas Gellért Avocado Oil Soap (100 gr)2 000 Ft
Budapest Spas Rudas Macadamia Oil Soap (100 gr)2 000Ft
Budapest Spas Kolop Mud (1 kg)2 000 Ft
Budapest Spas Pestemal3 000 Ft

In our baths we accept SZÉP Cards issued by all three banks (OTP, MKB, K&H). The services available in our baths can be paid from all three sub-accounts. Our company can not be held responsible for the rejection of the card due to possible technical errors.

In the commercial and catering units located in the spa area, you can only pay with a TOP UP CARD and a BANK CARD (payment in cash is not possible).

Ticketing ends 1 hour before closing time.
Pool areas must be left 20 minutes before the spa closes.
By purchasing tickets you automatically accept the policy of the bath.