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Cashless payment


bank- or top up card


You can use the top-up card in every bath of the Budapest Spas cPlc.


Products purchased in the area of ​​our baths (food, drinks) can only be purchased with a credit card or a top-up card topped up at the cash desks.

Top up card:

  • it works with touchless technology,
  • it is waterproof,
  • can be attached to your watch or neck while in the pools.


how does it work?

Upon arrival, our cashier will upload the amount specified by you to the card, of which HUF 300 will be reserved as a deposit. You can't spend this amount, but when you return the card in an intact condition, it is returned to you in full. You can pay for the amount on the card either with cash or with a bank card. In case of an unused card, the minimum top-up amount is HUF 800, the maximum amount is HUF 50 000, while the minimum top-up amount of a card in use is HUF 100.

Please keep the receipt you receive when topping up the card. You can use the card without registration, but you can make usage of the card even more secure with the PIN code indicated on the receipt. You can register the card either via text message, or in the free Festipay application. To register by SMS, send the following text to this phone number:+36 30 344 4410: REG (for example: REG 123456789012 1234 4321).


how does it work?

You can also pay with this card when making purchases at the baths, so you don't have to bother with cash or worry about keeping your wallet safe while bathing.

If the amount topped up on the card during your stay at the baths is not enough, you can top it up any day of the week at the cash desks or at the internal point of sale.

The amount remaining on the card will be refunded at the checkout upon departure from the baths, rounded to 5 Hungarian Forints. If you are a regular visitor to the baths, you can spend the remaining amount during your next visit. The card is valid for 5 years.

If you made a registration, you can disable your card with a text message or in the Festipay application. If you wish to disable via SMS, please send the following text to the number +36 30 344 4410. TILT (for example: TILT 123456789012 4321).

Our baths shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the loss, damage or the use of the card by an unauthorized person or failure to register.